Eryk Banatt

Cognitive Science Student, CS Enthusiast, Melee Player, Button Presser

Twitter-Sized Things I've Done

I post very frequently on Twitter, usually with Melee-related jokes and quips. However, every so often I do a project that I think is interesting but doesn't warrant an extensive writeup. For these I usually post on twitter, but as with blogs it becomes hard to go back and find something you want (especially if ~90% of your posts are jokes). So this page is sort of an index of my tweets that had actual substance to them.

SSBM Theorycraft:

Q-Drop shield pressure (video)

RTA Viable Peach shield break w/ Mr. Saturn (video)

Jigglypuff bair from ledge -> no-jump sing ledgegrab

Upthrow -> Dash Pivot Shine (not very practical)

Z-Axis causing sheik fair to whiff

Fox Nair frame advantage vs. Aerial Height (infographic)

Tournament Winner walljump doublejump bair on rock transformation (video)

DIY Projects

Mechanical Keyboard Gamecube Controller Triggers


Evo 2017 R1 Pools results demographics (collab w/ Algebra)

Bet on implementation of UCF ($10, 1:1 odds, with @uconnsdoom)

The Local is Dying (Tongue-in-cheek analysis of attendance at SSBM locals)


Giant Bob-omb

Upsmash -> Reverse Bair -> doublejump reverse bair -> Shine

Samus Hammer Glitch

Slapdash -> dash -> pivot dtilt

Please stop posting about ranges using hitlag images

Bolt Winner's Interview ambisinister commerical

Sick teams save

peach waveshine infinite x2

Thing I plan on retweeting whenever I lose to marths

Ness fun NBA HRC strat