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I'm a fox main that goes by "Ambisinister" whose active region is Connecticut (although I occasionally play in NJ). I play green fox and I like aggressive, technical play. I was ranked 10th on the Connecticut Winter 2015-2016 Season Power Rankings but I went inactive because of school.

(My tag is a little long, but it's supposed to be a joke – Ambisinister is the antonym of ambidextrous and literally means "unskilled or uncoordinated with both hands." Sometimes I shorten this to "Ambi" and I like entering locals with silly joke tags.)

I'm also somewhat of a commentator - I provide commentary at locals every so often, and I commentated pools with Reno at Shine 2016

YouTube Channel

I am fairly active on YouTube, Where I post videos about Melee.

Best Of

Combo Videos

In 2015 I made combo videos each month as a sort of scrapbook of how my year went. (A playlist containing them can be seen here). At the end of the year I took the best of each month and made a 2015 highlight reel which was generally pretty well received although the framerate and video quality could've been a bit nicer.

I have also made a few other combo videos, mostly for Smash @ Yale

Smash @ Yale

syalelogo.jpg I am the founder and President of the [[][Yale Undergraduate Super Smash Brothers Club]], typically shortened to "Smash @ Yale." We have a reasonably large regular playerbase and meet once a week in William Harkness Hall. Officially, we support every entry in the smash series, but in practice the vast majority of our playerbase plays Melee, with a little Project M crossover.

Yale has a [[][Melee Games]] team, which placed third in New England in the Fall 2015 season.

In 2015 our regular members starred in our 2015 Combo Video which featured the following.

  • Paul Kim – Papples
  • Sam Klebanoff – Teamwork
  • Daniel Chavenert – Dan
  • Benjamin Tong – Real
  • Eryk Banatt – Ambisinister
  • Lyndon Ji – Walnut

It took a little under four months to compile the clips, edit them, synchronize them to music, and so on. This project took many hours and made me extremely sick of listening to the same songs over and over again but was fairly well-received upon release, appearing in Melee it On Me.

Some Reviews

"…one can only admire the dedication these fine players have put on display. Excellent combos, and filled with tons of personality…" - Melee it On Me

"The bar has been set high already." - Melee it On Me

"…this vid was incredible. I love vids that show off a bunch of players from a particular scene. The clips were great." -Tdude

"Very exciting and refreshing. I liked their playstyles. [Papples'] Reverse ftilt was reminiscent of the mango/lucky/alex19 combo vids." -Viridian-Genesis

"Great vid. Now you've inspired me to really put in some work on the Rice smash scene." -Ge0rge249

"Does the person who made this video play itg lol" -v4extreme

These days, I've taken to making Yale Highlights Videos since they don't require a player to be on the team, meaning clip collection happens much quicker and everybody in our club can get excited about them.

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