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Hello, I am the green fox from twitter!

My tag is Ambisinister (adj. Clumsy or Unskilled with both hands), but most people just call me Ambi. I'm fairly active in a bunch of places in the scene - I'm a competitor, a content creator, a recurring guest on the Melee Stats Podcast, an MPGR panelist, and the founder of Smash @ Yale, among other things. I love the game and the scene very much, so you'll see me poke my head in a lot of places if you spend entirely too much time looking around.

I love Tech Skill, and one of my favorite things about the game is that there's so much room to do creative stuff in it. As such, I'll frequently go for weird stuff in matches.

I'm very active on Twitter, and moderately active on YouTube. I am not really that active at locals these days, but I still compete at larger events.

I'm not really sure what I want to do with this page, so consider this relatively under construction - I used to hold some information about Smash @ Yale on here, but as I am no longer a college student that isn't too applicable anymore.

More coming soon.

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